A Wish … Humble and Bold

BIG IDEA OF THE DAY:  “It is this feeling of deep connection with either a person or an idea that uplifts one or opens something up for you.” – Tasneem Noor

My name, Tasneem, is from the Quran and refers to a drink in heaven that only the most pious will get to enjoy. My wish is both humble and bold all at the same time and that is to taste that sweetness of heaven here on earth… in some way, somehow. For me, this experience of heaven is whenever I feel alive…

Alive because I belong and I matter.

Alive because I am having fun exploring with presence and curiosity. It is this feeling of deep connection with either a person or an idea that uplifts me or opens something up for me. That moment of being seen or understood by someone in a new light, and that actually helps me to see myself differently. It is that gratitude and connection I see in the others’ eyes when they can finally let go of fear of judgment and are seen for who they are; accepted for who they are, just as they are.

It is ironic. In a way we have greater exposure than ever before. At a click of a button, I can transport myself to a new culture, find answers to the most random of questions, gain insight to different and opposing viewpoints, and even connect with a stranger. And yet, in spite of all this innovative access, as a larger community we have never felt quite as isolated. Divided by labels, assumptions, and fears of reaching out.

Making the time and space for meaningful, heartfelt connections seems to be harder than ever before. The tendency to stay in our “comfortable and familiar” zone is rampant, and getting to know someone beyond the superficial level of hobbies and work is harder. Yet, it is not impossible.

For me heaven on earth is not a destination but an experience of coming alive. It is my wish, my commitment to make this experience more possible, more prominent, more desirable, and more accessible for all who are curious and willing.

As The Faith Connector, I have faith in my ability, and yours, to build bridges with compassion and curiosity. I have faith in that the tension that arises from our differences is actually an opportunity to uncover and unravel something that will serve humanity, and give birth to something beautiful. I have faith in that it is possible to experience heaven on earth.

What do you have faith in? What does your experience of heaven on earth look like?

With Faith in Your Success,
Tasneem Noor
The Faith Connector