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Tasneem Noor, The Faith Connector, is an award winning author and rising star within the self-help, self-improvement, personal development and Interfaith community. Tasneem has dedicated herself to helping others understand their greater fulfillment and purpose. With a number of certifications under her, Tasneem has been making waves as a motivational speaker, interfaith facilitator and DreamBuilder Coach offering inspiring workshops, transformational in-depth life coaching and community building projects.


Tasneem uses inspiration and motivation to empower people to trust themselves, have confidence in themselves, to have belief in themselves and to love themselves. Through self-improvement and personal development techniques and strategies, Tasneem Noor helps people achieve new heights of success, meaning and spiritual awareness.

Official Bio

Tasneem Farah Noor is the founder of Noor Enterprises: SOULful Transformations—committed to providing transformational experiences, personal development, and opportunities for meaningful dialogue.

Her mission is to establish thriving, peaceful communities where conversations of faith build bridges of compassion and collaboration. She is an advocate of curiosity. Through coaching, trainings, and facilitation she helps people learn how to deepen their faith (deep trust) in themselves, authentically express themselves, and take courageous action.

Tasneem has her Masters in Education from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and her coaching certification from the Life Mastery Institute. She is the Programs Director and facilitator for NewGround: Muslim Jewish Partnership for Change; and active with several community building projects. She is currently serving on five different interfaith boards including the Inter Religious Council which has recognized her as LA’s Next Generation of Interfaith Leaders with the esteemed Future50 Cohort designation.

As a certified DreamBuilder coach and professional speaker Tasneem offers inspiring workshops, as well as transformational in-depth coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning, and spiritual aliveness. Tasneem is the youngest of three siblings and has been living in Los Angeles, CA since 2000. Prior to that she lived in India, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). She loves traveling, learning about different cultures, exploring national parks, and spending time with her family and friends. She has a sweet tooth for most desserts, loves Thai food, and rejoices living near the ocean!

Types of Coaching with Tasneem

Tasneem provides her clients with the most critical ingredients for extraordinary and consistent success!

Learn the processes of success – a proven path to overcome obstacles and doubts – to accelerate your results, strive towards success with Faith in yourself and confidence, while living a more fulfilling life!

For the best & fastest results invest in yourself to take your life to the next level.

Obtain guidance towards success while also receiving support from your peers.

Within the comfort of your own home, learn the techniques & tools to put your faith into action.