Your Personal Anchor: How to Overcome the Storms of Life

BIG IDEA OF THE DAY:  “Storms make trees take deeper roots.” – Dolly Parton

What to do when facing and weathering the storms of life. Bad news & difficult circumstances can transform calm waters into a raging storm. So how do we find the strength to ride it out and let the storm pass?

What’s Your Personal Anchor?

I’m sitting here today in the Marina in sunny California under the beautiful sun and the cool breeze and I’m inspired by the boats that you see behind me. Right now, the water is really calm and gentle. The wind is cool and pleasant. But what happens when the weather changes and the water is rocky and choppy and just … dangerous even and the winds are strong and they push you to the left and the right? What happens then? Well, one thing that you do is that you put the anchor down and that helps keep the boat strong and withstand the drifts of the wind or the storm.


So, this is my question to you: what is your anchor?


What keeps you grounded and keeps you from drifting in the wind or choppy waters when hit by that challenging weather? and it comes to all of us. we’re all hit by the storms of life. we all get our challenges. But the question is: how do we tap into our strength then? How do we keep strong and keep moving inspite of the storm.

For me, I have have a lot of different anchors: external anchors like my skills, my family, my credentials that give me confidence … that are evidence of what I can do and manage. However, more powerful than those external anchors are my internal anchors, those beliefs, those ideas that give me so much strength … so much peace that even when hit by the storms of life, I can move forward. I can wipe my tears, stand up and keep walking. What is your anchor?

For me, my most basic most foundational anchor is that i am safe. Yes, when i tap into this inner knowing of mine that I am safe regardless of what’s happening around me … I don’t know something shifts inside of me. I become more confident. I become more willing to face my fears. I become more willing to challenge myself to keep going, to look for the alternatives and this is exactly how you withstand any storm in your life. You take on the mindset of possibilities and potential and you keep going.

So I ask you: what is that firm belief that you have that when you are tapped into it, anchored into it, it motivates you … it empowers you … it enables you to stay strong? Let me know i want to hear from you at All of my social media is thefaithconnector. So join me and share with me, what is your anchor?

With Faith in Your Success,
Tasneem Noor
The Faith Connector