What’s Necessary for Long-Term Success

BIG IDEA OF THE DAY:  “Successful people are just those with successful habits.” – Bryan Tracy

The ability to achieve long-term success can seem daunting. You need not just courageous action but something more. Let’s talk about what’s necessary for long-term success today: faith in yourself, your roots and what drives you.

What’s Necessary For Long-Term Success?

Today, I’m being inspired by this beautiful tree behind me. It’s vibrant, it’s beautiful, it’s able to withstand the heat, the wind and the rain year after year. Well, what’s keeping it strong?

In today’s day and age, you and I, we all have so much going on … so many branches like this tree, the multitasking that we have to do …


What keeps us strong?


I think the things that keep the tree strong are that which is unseen, its roots. So you and I also stay strong and beautiful as long as we keep nourishing our roots – nourishing the things that give us life … that allows the flow of life to go through us.

So it’s the things that are invisible: our truth, our roots, our mindset, how you think about yourself, and how you feel about yourself. I’ve always been blessed to be me. But I have a confession: I didn’t always love myself.

Even with having a reasonably positive self-attitude, opinion or way of relating to myself, I always struggle to really tap into my own power, to really believe in my potential, to face my fears and to step up.

The thing that has helped me to do exactly that are the times when I nourish my roots … when I close my eyes and think about the things that give me strength. I use those things to move me forward. So what gives me strength? The things that I believe in.

The things that I do have faith in. Faith is deep trust. My faith is my roots. It’s my faith that I am safe, my faith in that I’m not alone, my faith that if there is a problem, there is a solution. All of these things help me to then tap into the things to find the solution, to reach out for help, to seek a different perspective, to do something to center myself, to nourish myself and to calm myself. So these are all of the things that nourish me.

These are some of my roots. Tell me what’s true for you. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care. Bye.


With Faith in Your Success,
Tasneem Noor
The Faith Connector