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Trust Yourself And Play Big

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The Faith Connection Book

Tasneem Noor's, The Faith Connection Book, is a powerful call to action and your personal blueprint.

Faith is not a destination, philosophy, religion, nor a thing. FAITH is the ability and experience of living with self-trust and unshakable confidence.

The Faith Connection instills purpose and activates personal growth and discovery in order for you to achieve greater productivity, motivation and success.



"When I first met Tasneem, I was struggling with the trauma of surviving gun violence. She taught me how to shift from my fight or flight survival response in everyday interactions and tap into my intuition. I learned to build heart-felt connections with the people in my life, without having to feel like every conversation or every decision was a matter of life or death. Thanks to the guidance I received from Tasneem, I've become more present and compassionate in all areas of my life."

Nurjahan Boulden

"I came to Tasneem after a tumultuous year of changing jobs and moving across the country with so many unknowns and a lot of emotional baggage... From the very first session, I gained an understanding and acceptance of the gifts that I have inside of me. I began to stop self negating thoughts, shift my energy and even let go of things I cannot control... In time, I felt myself coping with my stress better and gained emotional and mental strength."



"Before I chose Tasneem to be my coach, I had seen her at work with other people and felt that she modeled the skills I want to develop. She is an exceptional listener and asks questions that really get me thinking. Tasneem also takes a whole body approach to her coaching, encouraging me to tune in to what I am feeling physically and emotionally, so that what I choose to do, and each step of the way comes from a place of centeredness and clarity."


Dr. Lisa Patriquin


"I feel like I had an idea of what it took to have courageous conversations but my perspective has changed on how to go forth with them and that has been the most beneficial thing from this course. I'm no longer fearful of speaking my mind and getting my thoughts across even if it's different from someone else."


"Tasneem has a special ability to draw people out and make them feel safe to be authentic, without judgment. That said, she will also be direct and honest with you, and tell you what you need to hear. I have personally watched people bring themselves to tears when describing the ways Tasneem has impacted their lives."

Eric Katz

"I have had the privilege of observing Tasneem facilitate many courageous conversations over the last 7 years. Her warmth puts people at ease and she is an expert at creating communal safe spaces in which participants feel comfortable sharing vulnerably and courageously."

Dr. Mindy Wynn Tauberg