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Award Winning, Best Selling Author & Future 50 Cohort
Tasneem Noor, the Faith Connector, is a leading influencer for personal development and life mastery.
Who Is Tasneem Noor?
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My guiding words are “Love`` and “Daring” as reminders of what one needs to embody to move forward with courage and compassion, inshallah (God willing).

Tasneem Noor’s vision to empower and bridge people across different religious and nonreligious backgrounds has earned her such honors as being named one of LA’s Next Generation of Interfaith Leaders with the esteemed Future50 Cohort designation.

Work with Tasneem

Award winning author, Tasneem Noor, has empowered hundreds through her Seminars, Programs and Coaching.

Tasneem Noor has inspired audiences with her empowering, motivational and impactful speeches.

As The Faith Connector, Tasneem works diligently to build bringes and join communities together.

Tasneem offers professional and personal coaching guiding clients towards goals to achieve success.

The Faith Connection Book

Tasneem Noor’s, The Faith Connection Book, is a powerful call to action and your personal blueprint.

Faith is not a destination, philosophy, religion, nor a thing. FAITH is the ability and experience of living with self-trust and unshakable confidence.

The Faith Connection instills purpose and activates personal growth and discovery in order for you to achieve greater productivity, motivation and success.

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